As police officers we have made an oath to our communities to serve and protect. As members of the 002community we also have a duty to lead and connect with positive interactions to better our
neighborhoods. The Somali American Police Association (SAPA) has a unique to task to connect a line of
understanding and communication between our communities and our police departments. SAPA executes this task by holding community events, participating in community lead discussions, and joining our youth in fun activities.

SAPA members strive hard to engage with its communities in such a way that leaves a positive impact. We all have troubles unique to our neighborhoods and SAPA gets involved in the tough questions, conversations and programs with community members and religious leaders to help solve those troubles. And to simply have fun, every year we also make our presence in celebrating the Somali Independence Day in Minneapolis.

Because our youth are an important asset to invest in for our future, SAPA makes it a point to immerse itself with the local schools. Throughout the year members are able to show off their athleticism by playing soccer and basketball with those youth.